Thursday, June 30, 2011

WBT Intern 2011-2012

Last month I was thrilled to have been offered an internship with WBT! I stayed quiet about it waiting for our district's school board approval. So, with a ten finger rolling woo, I am pleased to announce that I have been granted approval! I am officially a WBT intern for 2011-2012! I am looking forward to talking with and hopefully meeting many of you over the next year. Truthfully, I am nervous, but I am truly looking forward to this amazing opportunity!

Check back often for future posts. If I can get my own children to cooperate, I may post some videos of myself using some WBT techniques with them. I have been using Biffytoons, Superspeed Phonics, and super speed 100 with my recent kindergarten graduate. I want to also start him on smoothy bumper planet. With my 4th grader, I hope to motivate him enough with the Crazy Professor reading game with some fun summer reading. The challenge is pulling them away from video games and playing with friends, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve!

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer! Talk with you soon!