Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Biffytoon Matching Memory Game

My youngest son has been using Biffytoons this summer in order to better prepare him for the first grade.  Last week, he looked at the small pictures and said it looked like a matching game.  So, I went to work.  I printed out two of each set.  I used both words and gestures, and just words.  I am so happy with the results because there are so many uses for it.

I laminated the tops and magnetized the bottoms using my Xyron.  You don't have to do this.  Laminating will work, but you might want to use cardstock to make them thicker.  The black magnetic material made them so that they are not see through.

It can be a matching game, matching picture to picture, picture to word, or word to word depending on their skill and progression. They must read the rule and do the gesture as they turn it over.

This can be used with one child, partners, or small group.  If you choose to make them magnetic, you can use them on a chalkboard/whiteboard or a small cookie sheet.  If you are using them at home, you can use them on the fridge.


I even found a travel soap dish that fit the whole entire set.  I will label the outside "Biffytoons List 1".  I plan to make the other two sets as well.  It is a bit time consuming, but it is so worth it!


  1. I love it! Biffytoons are awesome!
    Next you'll have him playing SuperSpeed 100!


  2. Love your blog,Rebecca! I can't wait to follow along this year as I implement WBT with my 2nd graders. :) Say hi to everyone in G'burg for me!

  3. Great idea for a traveling sight word game!