Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day

Well, I lived through the first day!  My third grade glared at me with wide eyes as I bounced all over the room with class yes in various ways and different voices.  They were a quiet bunch and I had to give them permission to be loud with mighty oh yeahs! LOL.  I even told them that we had permission from the principle to be loud if I wanted them to be.  So, we got through that and all of the classroom rules.  I didn't teach them teach ok yet, but I still had them go over the rules with their neighbor.

Fourth grade was awesome!  It is really cool seeing how much they mature over the summer.  Of course, today is always the honeymoon period, but I definitely see changes for the positive.  I had a hard time giving them mighty groans because they were so on to things.  One student did such a wonderful job that he already earned a mighty woo with lightening sizzles.

When both classes were together, we went over the universal homework model and I sent home a paper describing it to the parents.  I will begin with homework next week.  Since I have kids at so many various levels, I want to have time to select the appropriate material.  We wrapped up with the Super Improvers Wall.  The students decorated name plates and we will have them hung on the wall tomorrow so we can start looking for our improvers.  The looks on their faces showed me that they are in high anticipation over this.

I am ready for tomorrow to begin with power pics.  I am planning to teach sentences and introduce our genius ladder.  No sense in beating around the bush.  For math, I pulled some second grade power pics to review days of the week, months, and years.  We usually take for granted that these have been mastered, but since we are in learning support, I like to make sure we have the basics.

This is going to be a challenging year with such a large group; however, I do believe it is going to be a good year.  All of the students are very good kids and I am looking forward to working with all of them!

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  1. Rebecca, I just can't wait to see how your little friends do with you and WBT this year. I'll be following along! My friends come Monday. (Unless we have a hurricane day!) I can't wait to teach Class/Yes. :)