Tuesday, March 13, 2012

State Assessments

This week is filled with administering the state assessment.  It is difficult going from a day of fun filled, learning to these grueling days of testing.  We are having light and fluffy afternoons though.  Most of the kids are not returning to my room; however, those that do are taking advantage of computer time, movie time, and simple games.  We finish up the testing on Monday next week.  That leaves me with only 3 days of instructional time because they are off for teacher in-service that Friday.  I plan to spend that time doing a lot of superspeed along with a unit on poetry.  Writing poems using oral writing first just might be fun!

Stay tuned for our last week in March.  I am planning a March Madness where the 3rd and 4th graders duel against each other for the Super Whole Brain Students.  I still have to firm up the plans for that week, but we are looking at scoreboard, homework points, super improvers, maybe a mind soccer (or mind basketball) match.  Maybe we can even get parts of it on video!  Keep checking back!