Saturday, September 22, 2012

Portable Practice Cards

I kinda "stole" this idea from my friend and fellow teacher.  She bought one of these jewelry holders for her lunch count.  When I walked into her room, I said, "Wow, that would be a perfect practice card holder!"  The next chance I got, I went out and bought one for my classroom.

I cut the words practice cards out of pink vinyl and adhered it to the top.  With the print, it is difficult to see.  The numbers are cut from black vinyl.   I have two sets of numbers from 1-10, one set for each grade.  Last year I numbered 1-25 and it was too difficult to keep track because in my grade book they are numbered on different pages due to grade level.  If you have the same kids all day, you would most likely number sequentially.  I also skipped a row in between to leave room for more kids.  Of course, I am not using practice cards yet.  I just placed some in so that you can see what it would look like. There are 3 white and two purple cards placed.  These little pockets are nice because they are small and you can see the card through them so the kids are reminded which rule they need practice on.  Previously, I had library card envelopes and you couldn't see the card.  The three larger pockets on the bottom are great for holding copies of the cards. Currently, I still have the old rules but I have great goals of changing these up this year.   I have this hung on a hook on the side of my file cabinet.

I am calling it portable because this summer I had the opportunity to train a little with Chris Rekstad on the practice cards.  It seemed like some of the new people where a little confused because we did not have any visuals with us.  This will be easy for me to pack up and take with me to a training.

Thanks again for stopping by.  I hope that you are liking what you see!